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Who We Are

The Greenwood Project


Minority communities often lack the opportunity to receive adequate resources or necessary knowledge. The Greenwood Project has been designed in a way to cater to these specific needs. It exists to provide sustainable community investment and direction. The principles Greenwood was founded on is Black Ownership in the realms of education, finances, and politics throughout each community we are rooted in. TGP will curate events through the community including: support of local businesses, providing guidance to residents on individual finance, important political information, and many more avenues to educate themselves.

Upcoming Events

The Greenwood Project will host various workshops addressing issues within our Black communities. Issues such as financial literacy, health and wellness, and even assisting in making informed political decisions.

The Greenwood Project's Clothes Drive & Distribution

Location: Lincoln Elementary Parking Lot 200 Madison St Frederick, MD 21701

Reforming Education: A Conversation with Gwenaëlle

Location: @connectgreenwood Instagram Live

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median household wealth of african american families


unemployment rate of AFRICAN AMERICANS


Black owned Businesses in America
What We Do ?

Our Goals!

Provide an efficient pipeline to minority businesses in the customers area.

Use profit to directly invest in the community.

Create lasting partnerships with different businesses.

Increase the voter turnout from low income communities.

Facilitate vocational skills certifications, through contracting with the proper experts.

Financial Empowerment
Political Enlightenment
Educational Empowerment
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